Flashback a few years ago, and ‘KC Fit’ was just me (Kirstyn) running a couple of bootcamp sessions a week for a few friends in my mum’s backyard. 

After studying group fitness, with my son toddling around my feet, my hobby began to blossom. I went from running sessions for a friend, started running regular sessions - just for mums, and I was hooked! One year later, and I had another new baby...KC Fit was born! 

My passion has now, amazingly, become my full-time job. KC Fit proudly offers a full calendar of sessions each week. Several woman only sessions, that train mummies bodies safely. With free onsite babysitting. Featuring a great range of workout styles that are fun, creative and with great variety. 

Feel like working out your frustration? Come along to Boxing. Want a mixture of body weight, outdoors equipment (kettle bells, tyres, battle ropes, dumb bells etc)? Bootcamp is for you. For the new and seasoned mums who, like me, are suffering with the physical after effects of pregnancy and child birth? Silently suffer no more. KC Fit is committed to supporting you through specific rehabilitation classes, and teaching you how to make a safe-return to exercise in our Tight Mummy Tummy and Bits / Post-Natal classes. 


Helping you on a journey to becoming a better YOU (not comparing to someone else) one day at a time. Through education and safe exercises, helping to repair, heal, and strengthen your core. Empowering you to get as fit and strong as you’d like with leak free exercise and laughter!

One of the most amazing things about my job, is seeing the results in my clients and hearing about the changes they feel. Absolutely, a lot of these changes are physical. We all know the vital health benefits of regular exercise. It’s more than that, though. I am so passionate about what I do because working out with KC Fit makes a change to our client’s self-confidence, mental health and their self-worth. 

KC Fit is a community. No judgement. No comparisons. No pressure. Just a group of everyday lovely Kiwis, all working to become the best versions of themselves while staying sane in this crazy world. 

My passion – Helping YOU on a journey to becoming a better YOU one day at a time, whatever that may look like, living a healthy lifestyle that is sustainable and realistic to live for life.



Founder, Lead Trainer, and Mum's Fitness Specialist

Kirstyn Campbell is mum of two crazy kids.

While Kirstyn specialises in running small group post natal rehabilitation/ Tight Mummy Tummy & Bits classes, she also runs bigger bootcamp and boxing sessions motivating and challenging mums ready to take on the next level confidently in a safe and fun environment, that is safe for our mama bodies.

Kirstyn had always enjoyed pushing her body and mind to its limits seeing what it was capable of with things like 100 day burpee challenges and running marathons. With polycystic ovaries, irritable bowel and leaky gut syndrome she pushed through any warning signs her body gave, seeing these as weakness instead of just part of who she was. This caused her to suffer a full top to bottom tummy split as a result of exercising as though her body was perfectly healthy and she’d never given birth – 7 years earlier. The tummy split and weakened pelvic floor were life changing. Kirstyn had intensive physiotherapy with a Women’s Health Physio, researched and studied pre and post natal care. She completely changed her approach to training and her business focus.

Kirstyn is driven and passionate to train women safely, repairing and building strong core foundations. She continues to further her studies in specialising in repairing the core - including pelvic floor, gluts, upper and lower back. Teaching mums how to respect and honour what their amazing bodies have been through, and what they’re capable of doing today preparing for tomorrow. Half of the process is listening to your body and learning what is good for it.

Learning how to listen to her body, how to train herself and mums safely and effectively is what drives Kirstyn to help other mums from going through what she has.

“Society expects us women to have children. Then when we do, our bodies are expected to look and function as though we haven’t.” This way of thinking is what tore my tummy down the middle. I’m not interested in sculpting bikini bodies. Rather empowering mums to learn how to love themselves from the inside out, to show them their self-worth in the season of life they're in. To enjoy the quality of life they’d like, without the embarrassment of leaking. To be the best version of themselves, not comparing or trying to match-up up to the pressures, false images and expectations in social media.

Kirstyn’s passionate about working with mums to help give them back control and confidence. To bring about the freedom to talk about our bodies with each other which unlocks the reality that so many others are suffering with similar things. "We've been created to live in community, not on an island."

Kirstyn is driven to remove the shame of a mum’s body, rather encourage them to wear their mum badges with pride. Enabling them to be healthy, happy and confident in their own skin. The strongest and fittest they’ve ever been, enjoying the quality of life they deserve - with, of course - leak free laughter!

chad kc fit


Chief JOAT (Jack of All Trades)

Chad (Kirstyn's husband) recently joined the KC Fit team in 2017 after working in the ball bearing industry for over 15 years in various roles, Warehouse, Logistics and Customer Service Manager.

So it has been a big change for me, going from an office job to working for KC Fit. I work behind the scenes, marketing, accounts, admin, and even help out with a bit of babysitting when required.

I love working with Kirstyn and in our new community of Huapai. I love sports, rugby, cricket, touch and a bit of golf. Old rugby injuries have got the better of me so I have to pick and choose wisely when I can do runs with Kirstyn like the Coatesville Classic or Tough Guy and Tough Girl challenges. I also love hanging with our two kids and our dog Bailey, whether it be going for adventures through the bush, or just hanging out at home.

Peace out.



Group Trainer

In 2009, an introduction to group fitness classes lead me to become a regular gym bunny.  During my workouts, I developed a strong curiosity and need to know the ins and outs of every piece of gym equipment. I was also deeply inspired by watching personal trainers work with their clients. I decided to act on this curiosity and in 2011 left my job with the Department of Conservation to train to become a personal trainer. Since gaining my qualifications, I have worked as a trainer and fitness manager in gyms in NZ and as a trainer in Canada also. These employment opportunities saw me train men and woman for many different goals from beginner to expert and across a variety of age groups, from as young as 9 and as old as 77. 

As a mother of one, I moved to Auckland in 2015 and began working out as a client of KC Fit. I loved working out alongside the other mums and always got a great workout in a child friendly environment.  During this time I became pregnant with my 2nd daughter and was able to continue working out with KC Fit right up until my 8th month. In January of 2017, I was honoured to be offered a position as a trainer for KC Fit. This was my first time working as a group trainer, but I can honestly say it’s been a whole heap of fun so far and I’ve never looked back.

What I bring to KC Fit is knowledge, reliability, and honesty with a healthy dose humour thrown in. I am very enthusiastic towards anyone that becomes a part of the KC Fit team and I am genuinely excited to have you in my classes. To anyone wishing to give KC Fit a go I am behind your decision 100% and can’t wait to meet you! 



Group Trainer & PT

I grew up being very competitive and playing competitive sport up into Uni. In 2006 I became pregnant with my first child and was suddenly thrust into ‘no mans land’ I had no idea how to exercise while pregnant. No one wanted to help me, knew how to safely help me or even wanted to try, so I suddenly went from being very active to only walking (which got less and less the further my pregnancy went on and once my son was born and I was tired). After the birth of my oldest, I slowly started going for walks around my local park and came across a post natal training session - I was so relieved to know there was someone who could guide me, so I stayed close by watching and waiting for the session to be over and started picking the trainers brain. I now knew that fitness and helping people is what I wanted to do and after my experience, I wanted to make sure that no mum ever felt so lost like I had.
After moving to New Zealand in 2010 from the US, I went back to school and studied Personal Training. I’ve enjoyed working in multiple different areas: gyms, bootcamps, boxing, suspension training, water training, teaching movement patterns to preschoolers, even managing.  After becoming pregnant with twins in 2014, and having a massive chunk of time off training clients, it was time to start helping others again, and helping myself. Sadly I over trained and ended up splitting my tummy muscles creating a diastasis recti, this is when I found KC Fit and knew I wanted to join the team and the way they trained mums safely!
I hope when you come to one of my sessions you feel welcomed and relaxed. I love to get to know the mums and provide them with the knowledge to safely get stronger and help heal their bodies. I love 1 on 1 training with PT clients to help with their specific goals and needs. I look forward to training you soon!