Mum, do you sneeze without wees? My heart as a mum and Safe Return to Exercise specialized trainer, is to be able to reach, and help the mums that need it. 

Society expects woman to have children, then it expects our bodies to look and function as though we haven’t. 

We don’t need to be suffering in silence, wearing high rise pants to hold our mummy pooch in, or pads to save us from embarrassing leaks. There is hope! No matter where you live, the age of your children, or what stage of life you’re at, I’d love to help you regain control, strength and confidence. To help you reconnect with your body as a woman and a mum, and to fall in love with who you are now, how your body looks, functions and feels.

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As everyone can’t make it to one of my face to face post-natal rehabilitation classes. We’ve put together the next best thing, with this online series to support you through healing your tummy split, weakened pelvic floor, strengthening your gluts and upper back, giving your mind and body a safe return to exercise. With time flexibly, from the comfort of your own home (wearing whatever you like), join me as often as you’d like and experience what KC Fit offers to give you back confidence, strength, freedom and pride in your body through our Tight Mummy Tummy and Bits classes.

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Rediscover your self-confidence and strength after pregnancy, labour and birth. 

Find out how important and easy Post Natal Care is for you!

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