Kaela Hindle

I started the post-natal program with KC Fit as the idea of being able to walk down a hill without fear of wetting myself appealed to me! The offer of a babysitter for the classes made it an easy choice.  After a block of post-natal I switched to the unlimited training package and haven’t looked back. The vibe is friendly, open and non-competitive but still challenging and classes cater for all fitness levels. Kirstyn’s energy and enthusiasm is engaging and motivating and I completely trust the baby sitters to look after my little man while I get to stop being a Mum for an hour and enjoy some exercise. 

Oh, and if you find yourself about to run a half marathon and don’t have the sports beans you need, Chad might go on a wild goose chase across the city to find some for you!

I can’t recommend KC Fit highly enough, it’s been brilliant for me.



I totally feel the difference and I'm much more positive about all aspects of my life and fitness than what I was when I first started. I can't thank you enough for your support encouragement and all the insight you have given me where medical staff had no idea. After two hernia operations and seeing no way out - you have made a huge difference to my life.


Jody Sparks

I joined KC Fit after the birth of my second child. I started with her post-natal care classes and not only did I experience immediate results, but haven’t had any lower back or pelvic floor issues like I did after my first child. This knowledge is carried through to her Bootcamps, where she always has options for those with pelvic or tummy issues (or any issues). Her sessions are varied, innovative, fun and I always leave feeling like I’ve had a really good work out. Kirstyn is professional, enthusiastic and really cares about her clients and their results. She always goes the extra mile and lives out and encourages a healthy balanced lifestyle.

Highly recommended.


Dipika Vivek

Thanks, Kirstyn for what you do! You are truly amazing. Before meeting Kirstyn, I’ve never thought about my fitness and diet as much as I have now. I’m planning meals and snacks in advance and trying to fit my regular training in the day. It’s fantastic!



All I can say is THANK YOU Kirstyn! What an awesome source of encouragement you are Kirstyn! You make us work hard, have fun and laugh!!! I like how you change things up weekly as it feels like I’m doing something different all the time! Thank you for pushing me, encouraging me and supporting me! You are a STAR at what you do.


Jacqui Tohovaka

This post-natal course is seriously one of the BEST INVESTMENTS I have made for my health. My tummy was feeling so weak four years on from my youngest and after doing this course, my core feels so much stronger. I even notice my day to day lifting or carrying is different. I feel more stable. I feel much more solid when exercising too and my tummy flattened significantly (bonus!!!).

But seriously girls, I wish I had done this years ago. I had no idea that such little subtle easy exercises that you can squeeze into any part of your day can make this dramatic difference. Kirstyn is amazing and makes it more personal to your level and where your body is at. If you haven’t thought about joining up, now is the time girls. You will be pleasantly surprised.


Kirsten Cavanagh

Thanks Kirstyn for all the training. You helped me work through my knee injury last year and coming to the classes is such a part of my routine now!


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