KC Fit is a supportive community of everyday people working towards a variety of goals. We’re focused on improving ourselves, not comparing ourselves to others. We’re adapting to a healthy lifestyle from making sure (most of the time) we’re sleeping enough, reducing stress levels, exercising in a way we enjoy and is achievable for the sage of life we’re at and eating whole foods we enjoy – that fuel our bodies.

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See below the timetable of all KC Fit sessions. Most sessions are women only. All mums' sessions (weekday mornings except 5.45am) have a FREE BABYSITTER you can book in with. If you have any more questions or queries please don’t hesitate to contact us.

See block dates and venues below.

For KC Fit limited Personal Training spots, contact us here.

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Block 1

30th January - 13th April

Block 3

22nd July - 28th September

Block 2

29th April - 6th July

Block 4

14th October - 21st December
* Inquire here to book in for a trial at any stage of the block. First session with KC Fit is FREE.



Glenfield Rugby Club


Kapatiki Park, Segedin Place, Glenfield


FREE indoor babysitting available with 9.30am sessions

Tuesday & Thursday - Mixed Bootcamp, 5.45am

Monday & Friday - Women Only Bootcamp, 9.30am

Wednesday - Women Only Boxing, 9.30am



Glenfield Intermediate School

138 Chivalry Road, Glenfield


Monday - Mixed Bootcamp, 7pm

Saturday - Mixed Bootcamp, 8.30am


Birkdale North Primary School

213 Birkdale Road, Birkdale


Wednesday - Tight Mummy Tummy & Bits, 6pm

Wednesday - Mixed Boxing, 7pm


Tight Mummy Tummy & Bits Huapai Venue

Matua Road, Huapai


Wednesday & Thursday - 10.45am


Huapai Domain

Cnr Tapu Road & Highway 16, Huapai


Babysitting available Monday, Wednesday & Thursday

Monday & Wednesday - Mum's Bootcamp, 9.15am

Tuesday - Mum's Boxing, 6pm

Thursday - Mum's Boxing, 9.15am

Saturday - Mum's Bootcamp, 8am